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When the love of wine and reason go hand in hand.

     „I remember that a couple of years ago, the owners of Chateau Appony asked if I were interested in working as a somelier in the manor house. I took a look through my glass of wine, looked down the hill at the ruin that stood there and said: If you can build a hotel from those dilapidated bricks, then I will pick the best wine in the region and bring it to your guests' tables,“ thus recalls the beginnings of cooperation with Chateau Appony their sommelier Samuel Barantal in the introduction part of the wine list.

Love and reason

     It has been eight years since the fated look. Today, Samuel does hold the post of the  sommelier at Chateau Appony. Together with the management of the hotel, they have set a clear goal since the opening – focus on local products, not excepting wine growers.

     Nevertheless, from the very first day, they have been following an interesting business policy that can be summarized in two words: love and reason. They agreed almost immediately that their love for wine and a reasonable commercial policy are the best prerequisites for customer satisfaction.

Ing. Samuel Barantál, Ph.D.


Oponice 271
956 14 Oponice, Slovenská republika

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